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Item 001
Not Just Another Problem Solving Book Vol 1NJA
I have recreated ten Number and Algebra problems, ten Measurement and Geometry problems, five Probabilty and Statistics problems and a Logic problem complete with several solutions and extensions. These are presented as a single page with the problem for copying and giving to students followed by a complete page of solutions and extensions for discussion. NO copy limit but it is expected that the purchaser uses the material for their own use or classroom or school only.
Download Introduction - Introduction
Download Number and Algebra - Number and Algebra
Download Geometry and Measurement - Geometry and Measurement
Download Probability and Statistics - Probability and Statistics
Download Logic and Algorithms - Logic and Algorithms

Item 002
The Battle is On Series - These are a collection of problems suitable for Year 7 to 10 students. They were created to support a teacher trying to generate interest in mathematics for her students, develop co-operation, participation and perseverence or 'GRIT'. It all worked.
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

Item 003
Breaking the Stick
This is a great little problem that causes a lot of discussion and learning. I have found several solutions using a computer, geometry and probability logic.