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I hope you enjoy and use these.

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Number /Algebra
Probability and Stats


The triangle puzzle is a bit of fun. What fraction is shaded? PUZZ JPEG

Place value Problem x7,x11, x13.
Design and make a Compass Rose. This is a bit of fun with a compass and a ruler. Learn about compass bearings.

About to start on this one.
Problem Solving Checklist Print and give each student a copy to check.

Check out

Shaking Hands. Ten Number and Algebra problems with solutions.
The Squaw on the Hippopotamus. A collection of 10 problems all with solutions.

The Girth of the Earth There are several ways we can measure this circumference of our planet Earth. With a cell phone is fun. You could just ask Siri!

A Collection of Prob and Statistics Problems.
Still finishing this but useful.

How to Solve A Problem V3 This is one of my intervention with students to help them become problem solvers.

The Original Mind Reader This is a famous puzzle made nearly perfect by the author Andy. The resource takes you to a weblink.

Breaking the Stick A mean problem with a surprising variety of answers. I simulated this on Xcel as well.

How to Make a Rich Task.
Rich tasks have a "low floor-high ceiling" and engage. 

So what I have done is to estimate the difficulty of the task and amount mathematical knowledge needed.
Easy is for beginners, Harder and Mean harder and meaner.
It would be a wise idea to read my problem based learning pages here. This is one page from my on line book accessed off the HOME.

Just click on the problem link to find the problem in a class ready form and several solutions.

I am always ready to see new problems so if you have one to share send it along.

There are many websites and books with problem in mathematics. Just Google "math problems", "math problem books (look at images", and checkout Amazon or similar. Do not overlook reading books like "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night".