Problems, problems, problems...

I hope you use and enjoyuse these.
All Junior Progammes of Learning in Mathematics and Statistics should give appropriate time to all strands and make connections between them. I include LOGIC as a strand.
The identified Thinking in Mathsematics is Strategic (the way), Creative (the new), Logical (the deduction), Critical (the reflection).
Every problem solved is a new building block for the future.

This Navigation Panel is to help you select relevant strand problems. All are suitable for Junior students.

Number /Algebra


Probability and Stats


What fraction is shaded?
Small Tri Puzz The Triangle Puzzle a bit of fun. Now with 5 solns!
Soln1, Soln 2, Soln 3, Soln 4, Soln 5
Soln 5 uses probability!

Place value Problem x7,x11, x13.

Open and SHUT Case - square numbers

Page Numbering - Nice. Practical activity with some very cool patterns and generalizations.

Table seating - Arranging tables for minimum number of guests

Design and make a Compass Rose. This is a bit of fun with a compass and a ruler. Learn about compass bearings.

Pool Geometry - This the game played on a billiard table not a swimming pool. Nice geometry and algebra patterns.

Pythagorus. A bridge problem needing some deduction

Spider and Fly - A geometry problem of shortest path. The box has a lid!

Shortest Path Geometric Problem
- A nice thinking problem

Socks - A matching problem selecting socks from a draw

Jotto Game - A fun guessing game, all logic.

Who is Who? - A nice and classic deductive logic problem. Build a grid first!

Stamp Problem - Connects to Number!

Carriage Combinations - A combinatorics problem needing a bit of logic.

Combinations and Number - A bit tricky to figure the problem but is a bit of fun.

Street Logic and Numbering - A series of 8 problems that will sort most brain-boxes.
Problem Solving Checklist Print and give each student a copy to check.

Check out

Clever kid on stage

A Collection of Number and Algebra Problems
Ten worked problems all set up for use.

Pie Cutting - This is actually a garden making context but it is the same  as pie cutting!

Adding the powers of 2 - A nice easy problem for beginners

A Collection of Measurement and Geometry Problems
Ten worked problems all set up for use.

The Girth of the Earth There are several ways we can measure this circumference of our planet Earth. With a cell phone is fun. You could just ask Siri!

Fibonacci - A nice collection of questions for this wonderful concept.

A Collection of Prob and Statistics Problems.
Still finishing this but useful.

Number of Questions
This is a cool guessing game with a very cool question. It can be created in a spreadsheet as an extension..

Topology - Traversing networks

Connections - Geometry and Logic and Algebra. A nice blend of thinking.
How to Solve A Problem V3 This is one of my intervention with students to help them become problem solvers.

The Original Mind Reader This is a famous puzzle made nearly perfect by the author Andy. The resource takes you to a weblink.

Pathways - A Rat Problem

Breaking the Stick A mean problem with a surprising variety of answers. I simulated this on Xcel as well.

Goal Post Logic - A nice deduction

An Original Polya Age Guessing Problem
How to Make a Rich Task.
Rich tasks have a "low floor-high ceiling" and engage. 

It would be a wise idea to read my problem based learning pages here. This is one page from my on line book accessed off the HOME.

Just click on the problem link to find the problem in a class ready form and several solutions.

I am always ready to see new problems so if you have one to share send it along.

There are many websites and books with problem in mathematics. Just Google "math problems", "math problem books (look at images", and checkout Amazon or similar. Do not overlook reading books like "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night". It appears I will have to find some more Probability and Statistics problems.