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Feb 2nd 2009

Greetings! Aloha! Bonjour! Buon Giorno
A brand new year! 2009 = 41 x 49. There is a square year approaching. What is it? Can you tell from these factors? Why? i do hope you all had a very festive summer, relaxing, filled with family and good memories. I did, and watched my vineyard grapes grow and even caught a few fish in the sea.

NZAMT Flyer for September Conference in Palmerston ...1.8mb!

Here is the latest newsletter Jan 09.

Michael Drakes Powerpoint from the BOPMA Conference.

NZC is coming. This year we must blend the new revised curriculum into our school curriculum and department learning programmes. I think it is time to move to a common scheme for Year 7,8,9 and 10 which takes learning objectives from curriculum levels 2,3,4 and 5. The Secondary Numeracy Project has clearly identifies that every year level has a wide range of abilities. A common scheme with a few key measures recorded for every student, meaningfully understood by all teachers, and passed on from school to school and class to class to be used in developing appropriate learning programmes for every student.

The key measures could be the multiplicative strategy stage a student chooses, the place value understandings a student has, the basic facts mastered and a sample of problems the student has investigated and solved. These indicators would serve to give a beginning picture of what a student knows about mathematics for the teacher. How well can this student think and communicate, work with and alongside others, manage and cope with issues could also be summarised. Too much detail and no one will read it. Too little and it is a meaningless exercise.

I intend to spend some time trying to develop an open scheme along these lines. I have started but it is not yet sufficently progessed to be useful.

See my newsletter but the new standards for Level 1 NCEA have almost been formed. Further work and consultation needs to ne done but this is expected to be quite urgent this term.

NZAMT Conference this year so start planning a workshop and allocate some PD$ fro the event. Term 3 holidays, Palmerston North. 

That is me for now. I will see you along the mathematical way. JIM

MAV, The .ppt session on Modelling in Mathematics is here. I removed the pictures that made it look pretty and also 5.6mb in size. It is only 1.6mb now. orry about the delay getting it up. Keep asking questions and explore the resources all over thi spage andthe many others inside the site. i might even tidy it up one day! Thanks to all who came to our session at MAV. Good fun.

MAV Power point, SNP, What have we learned. 1.4mb! Look below for other things like Farmer Bown. Remember to Google "math in movies" for the video. Thanks for the feedback and interest. Very happy with the session. I will endeavour to get to AAMT Conf. WA/VIC we do need to get together!

Session 1 Intro ppt, Session 2 ID Stages, Scenarios, Story ShellsSession  3 Knowledge Starters, Session 4 Role Of ISF, Classroom Visiting bonus, My Numbers up! bonus, Session 5 Planning, Scheme Content Ideas, Scheme Outline Ideas,

DAY 2 Session 1 Starters, 24, Cards and Dice, Fractions Bingo, Killer Sudoku, Self Marking Decimal, Self Marking Tests, Target, Tens Frames, Session 2 Decimals ppt, Session 4 Planning Activity, Planning Sheet, Effective Numeracy Classroom Characteristics, Factors Game, Multiples Game

NCEA examinations underway and the end of year rush is on. Good luck and keep your cool!

NZAMT Writing Party 2009, 14,15,16th January 2009. Revision work on existing standards to do but the main work will be new assessments for the new standards I should imagine. IF YOU ARE KEEN TO HELP THEN PLEASE GET A MESSAGE TO ME. So far I have 2 writers and no support of te reo Maori to continue the work begun last year.

Consultation by NZAMT. The website consultation has officially closed but the writing does not begin until Dec 16th when all the information has been collected and summarized. I do hope all math teachers have made submissions. We need to get the mathematics matrix alligned and right so appropriate courses for students can be built in schools. Continue to monitor the nzamt website for news.

Cool Math-Physics website here I have set it on the pendulum which is a common level 3 conext in modelling.

Cubical Problem
Is it possible to have a cube with a whole number value for the sides and a whole number value for the diagonal. I don't think it is because the diagonal is proportional to √3. What do you think?

Web 2 is the interactive bit like Utube, Wiki, etc and that is cool as well. This page is definitely a Web 1 website. I have tried Moodles and Wikis and conclude people do not really have time to use them. Email me directly is the best bet.

Latest Newsletter and Fraivillig Reading for you. I put teh question framework in the mailout to HODs.

SECRET SITE REVEALED HERE. Here is the NZ Math Advisors attempt at getting some common and national understanding established of the AOs in the revised curriculum. I have marked the AOs that have been worked on. Have a look at one or two to get the idea and download some that need work. Email your work back and I will upload it for all to see. There are 118 or so AO's so you have a lot of choice. If we start now we may well finish by next year. This needs to be done soon so that common understandings are established for the writing of assessments at NCEA levels.

NCEA Alignment Process. I have no idea what is going on at this stage. I hear that consultation is to take place early in Term 3 about something but I "knoe not what". I hope it is a consultation. I hope that as a result of the visitations to regions and meetings with local associations that some considered reflections inform the future directions of our mathematics standards. I hope to be a milionaire too. We all wait in great anticipation. See my latest newsletter also.

PMA LogoThe Primary Mathematics Association , professional development day, June 7th at Waipuna, attracted nearly 450 primary teachers. Topics ranged across all aspects of the mathematics curriculum and the implications of the revised NZ Curriculum. My sessions were on Problem Solving. The files I used or referred to are here and can be downloaded. They are .doc or .pdf format.
Magic Cards, Pentominoe Activity (1/07 News), Conjectures, Easier and Harder, GPS Girth of the Earth, King Arthur, Lock Challenge, Math Investigations, Problem Solving Checklist, Ask the Question RMT1 and RMT2, Series-ous Escape, The Birthday Problem SS, Thinking Inside the Square. Use freely and please ask all questions. Thank you TEAM PMA for a very well organised event.

Join PMA for $20 and contribute to the forum at . All attendees at the conference above have free sub for 2008. This is an excellent opportunity for all NZ mathematics teachers. Use it!

Big Thank you to all HODs who managed to get to my HOD Days. Here are the files I promised to make available and an UPDATE from NZAMT.
    - Powerpoint from NZCER..Hipkins, Talks about NCEA reallignment and KC's
    - Math Posters...KC's, these are from Lou in Auckland, KC's in the math classroom.
    - NZ Curric NCEA thoughts and possibilities for discussion.
    - UPdate from NZAMT received here today
    - Problem Solving Checklist
    - Rich Math Task Starter
    - The Birthday Spreadsheet.
Use as you choose. More coming very soon on NCEA update. Hang in there with all this change and busy-ness!


CartoonThanks Cory!

A big collection of polyhedra sites from Belisha after a year sabbatical on the subject. Belisha is a big fan of these models and has spent years making and refining his skills. His students of course all benefited from this fascination. Enjoy and peruse, he has given his file to me for you all to enjoy. Email Belisha here if you have questions.

Waipuna Files from my Proportional Thinking talk are Reading 1 (POST), Reading 2 (Lamon), My Powerpoint, Farmer Brown .PPT, PreTEST Proportion. (Rest is coming).

Here are the resources I used for the Auckland Mathematics and Statistics Day, 30th November.
These are just concerning probability and more are to be found on the website under the Secondary Numeracy Project links.
Dicegames, Figure It OUT by TOPIC, The Broken Stick, Math Investigations, Numahtzee, Nunber in Probability, Randamn Numbers, NZMATHS Newsletter October2007. Thank you to the 34 attendees at my workshop. Please send me any new resources and feedback from using these resources.

HOD DAYs 2007
In all 54 HODs attended the series of workshops. Thank you for attending and all the discussion we had about The NZ Curriculum due to be implemented in 2010. Here are some of the readings or resources we used. Keep the discussion going as we will be developing this further in Term 2 2008.
Reading by Andy Begg, The Nature of Key Competencies by Rose Hipkins, Vision design by Ministry, Maths and Stats..what is it, A copy and paste version by JUSTIN, Expectation data, In a Nut shell Curriculum Comments

Term 4 2007 Newsletter here
I have included a little challenge for your senior school here. Still very keen to get any results I can  (July 2008).

 HOD DAYS - 4 CASIO Classpads to be given away, donated by CASIO. Thanks Francesca! Every Educaid will also be giving away some numeracy materials. I will be giving away some of the resources we have been writing.

The day will focus on the implementation of the draft curriculum and what it means for mathematics teachers. Please register by email to me, as I will be sending out some readings that will need to be done before the day.

Andy Begg's Paper, Rose Hipkins Paper "The Nature of the Ke yCompetencies"

and Census at Schools, take a look, we will be using this data.

Paul, HOD at Opotiki has created a very useful collection of online resources for use in the classroom.

Paul says, "My Website of Interactive On-line Mathematics
Resources is now up and running. The address is Could you please inform other schools about this
website so that they can add it as a link. I would appreciate it if you could put a notice about it on your website and in your next newsletter. There
are over 70 links to interactive activities on this site. Could you please also pass this information onto WMA, BOPMA and NZAMT."

I would like to add that we do not have a resource problem today, we have a use of resource problem. As teachers we must be selective and disciplined in how we use the resources available.

ROTORUA "Thinking in Mathematics " workshop files here . A very good day everyone and thank you for clearing my thinking up around this very broad and looming topic. Remember it is the thinking and opportunities for telling that matter. Identify those in your lessons.

Gisborne Problem Solving Files. There are some double ups in here!

HIBS material. Copyrights sorted. Download now.

Here is the CASESTUDY that is work reading about their learning and resources.

Starters 1mb, AddSub 1.4mb, MultDiv 4.5mb, RatioProp 3.4mb, Algebra 5.9mb, Measurement 2.1mb, Geometry 900kb, Statistics 1mb, Games and Puzzles 2.5mb, Homework Sheets 564kb

Here are three web links to see what goes on in parliament. It is refering to the numeracy project and latest findings. You will need broadband for the videos.

LATEST NEWSLETTER T32007 (click here)
I enjoy writing the newsletter and it allows me to think I am keeping in touch with everyone. With 93 secondary schools in the extensive region visiting everyone is not possible. I rely on the WaiMat and BOPMA associations to keep the momentum going and of course email, telephone for direct contact. I keep time available until the last possible moment so that urgent visits and requests can be resolved. Please ask if think I can be of assistance.
Here are main newsletter points with some extra comments.

NZCER has a lot of interesting resources for mathematics. I will write more about this in the next newsletter but have a look at the ARBs.

Here is a cool math reading for senior students. It is about yachting and mathematics.

Later this year in September the revised 'draft' curriculum will be in your schools for final approval. I have seen the first draft of the revision and feel teachers will appreciate the more carefully worded rewrite. The achievement objectives remain quite open with the emphasis on developing mathematical thinking and communication skills. These two key competencies are the real reason for learning and teaching mathematics. Support material is being generated and will be available for 2008. Do not throw out previous schemata!

SNP - Mathematics Resources. If you are wanting independent work for better students or practice work for your slower students you may well find suitable tasks on the website under project material, SNP. Click here to go there. If you have tasks that would be suitable or would like to write tasks then please tell me. This is becoming a very good collection of a lot of clever work all with teaching notes and discussion.

I am running two courses later this year. Problem Solving and Thinking in Mathematics. The first develops the ideas from "Lighting Mathematical Fires" by D Holton and C Lovitt (1999). The second is an unravelling of current research about how students develop mathematical thinking and exposes the issues of higher level thinking. Our SNP data shows Year 10 students reach a plateau and only 20% or so emerge with what I call multi-dimensional thinking. Many of our Year 13 students remain as multiplicative thinkers and achievement is limited by this feature. I am focussing my spare moments this year on how to break this mold. Test yourself...The front tyre on my bike lasts 60,000 km and the rear tyre lasts 40,00km. If I swap them around a bit how far could I get out of one set of tyres? How many swaps do I need? When do I swap? What colour is the bike?



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Three Teaching Tips.

Conjecture Power

Have students make conjectures and the explore and reson the validity of these. An example is

"When two numbers are multiplied the result is always bigger.

Give me Another!

Students understand when they can ask you a few similar questions.

Give me another, and another, and another.

2.3 is a number between 2.1 and 2.45. Give me another,and another and another. Now ask me a question.

Ask the Answer!

Instead of asking what is the area of a 6x4 rectangle...


I have an area of 24 sq units. What does the shape look like?

This is a much more powerful and investigative question with many more answers.

How do I make it easier; how do I make it harder?

For a game or warmup activity ask the question, How do I make it easier and how do I make it harder? For example the simple warmup activity for a group of
"Count the next 20 numbers after 89" could become easier if we started at 1, or 10, and harder if we counted in 37s or 7, or start at 2.3 and count in halves, count backwards from 87 in 5's.

Apply this skill to all activities and you will have an endless source of new ideas.

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