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Now April 2022 . The Covid crisis seems to have peak in NZ with about 10,000 cases per day, but that will be an underestimate.

2022 CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND - Mathematics and Statistics Facilitator
Jim Hogan - - 027 461 0702 Accredited Provider ACC 572
Be very COVID Conscious in Term 1 2022. I am doing all facilitation on line.

Time to ponder the new NCEA changes and understand what needs to happen for Junior programmes and for the Senior Pathways.
Look at News 2022 T1.
Here is a link to the draft titles of the proposed Achievement Standards and Note 5 from the Numeracy Standard.
Note... the standards are being trialed in 2022 and it is likely there will be changes. Now 2023 for first use.

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Thinking Inside the Square Resource

A Collection of Solved Math Problems
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Lake Taupo Trout Statistics Resource
This is data that can be used to teach junior and assess senior Statistics. Real data collected from a trout fishing tournament held on Lake Taupo in April a few years back.

Class Quiz Collection zipped.

NJ Corner,
Programmable Chip with many sensors. Design and calibrate your own measurer.

Programmable robot. Set a task like move in a figure 8 or do a random walk.

2021 News T1, T2, T3, T4
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3D Models
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This is a page of ,ppts I have used and people ask for them. Useful and you are welcome to use. A story accompanies each to help with context.

A guide to and all tests, answers sheets, student answer sheets to the series of tests that I call the Lomas Test. Invaluable!

Jim Hogan's Math Course
 for helping teachers know more stuff
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