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Such a beautiful number.

DEC 2011 News
SSS is no longer supplying secondary PD. 2012 and 2013 keep an eye out through your SAF who knows better. After that alkl funding is planned to be in schools so you can organise your own PL. Is this progress? We will discover the answer!

Now to the final of the RWC and perhaps the return of WEBB-ELLIS cup. There have been some excellent jokes in teh Rugby Herald also. "Have you heard about the Englishman, Irishman and the South African going into a the Auckland Airport Departure lounge." "The English Team did not let a RWC interfere with a good drunken tour of NZ". Jokes aside, Good luck AB's ... you have played some excellent rugby and keep your heads together. The whole event has been a magnificent spectacle and thoroughly enjoyed.

I have invented two new statistics; Wobble and Waffle.
Definition: Wobble = (Number of sentences repeating the same information)/(Total number of sentences)
Definition: Waffle = (Number of irrelevant sentences in a text)/ Total number of sentences)

These measures have come about because of the disturbing way social scientists and statisticians waffle on and wobble off course. Surely less is better. Surely a few pert statements is all that is necessary.

June. An update. I do intend to write a newsletter soon and bring you up to date with being back in a schgool. All is OK. On this site I would like to post my secure assessments and any others that I find or are offered. I will be selling access to these assessments to help offset site costs. If you have resources for schools that you would like to sell then please email so we can discuss this. I have hundreds and I will be trying to estabish a reliable site for tried and tested resources.  Keep in touch.

April 2011. Wow, one term in a Decile 1 school and I survived. Not sure how. I knew going back would be hard but it was harder than that. Learning. What learning? Obedience. What obedience. Expectation. Whose? Give. Bugger off! I am quite determined to see some progress and I am about to embark on creating what might happen in Term 2, 3 and 4 for the rest of the year.

There has been some success. I did launch a rocket to try and cause some excitement. Here is the video. See the website for Estee rockets for more details. I purchased the rocket at Taupo Model Shop. They did say it would go quite well, and it did.

March 2011. I have left the advisory and am now at a school. I am now working on developing and selling resources but all of this site is still up and running and free. Apologies for the delay in updating the site but I have been a bit busy.

SPAN - Society for the Prevention of Abuse of Numbers. 1=1, 2=2, 1+2=3 and I am very glad it does.
I get a bit annoyed at 1.10 being referred to as "one point ten". Names using numbers are not numbers. Like telephone "numbers" they are just names. Convenient names, I must add, but all the same, just names. One does not do arithmetic on telephone numbers or titles. Words could suffice. Another annoyance is the abuse of the linear 1,2,3,4 and 5 when attached to a very non-linear questionaire or Likert Scale such as "Strongly Dislike, Dislike, Neutral, Like and Strongly Like" or some other discrete continuum. The social scientists add and then interpret the average, 3.23 say, as if there is meaning to the last decimal point. Ludicous to say the least and both instances are clearly ABUSE. Say so at every opportunity. Join the voice of PAN! (Might have to get a flute.)
If you read this you are automatically a member. There are no meetings yet but if I get enough emails I could well convene a conference. No emails yet ...June 11th.

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