Cool Online Links I have Used and Use
I have written a note about each.

youcubed logoyoucubed (
This is Prof Jo Boalers new webpage collecting together a lot of resources and ideas. There are teaching idea, tasks, a knowledge centre and a community forum that you can join. Based in UK but is a world wide site. Here is a short summery by Jo on Positive Classroom Norms. The .pdf can be found on her website under MINDSET but it is also here.
1. Everyone Can Learn Math to the Highest Levels.
Encourage students to believe in themselves. There is no such thing as a “math” person. Everyone can reach the highest levels they want to, with hard work.
2. Mistakes are valuable
Mistakes grow your brain! It is good to struggle and make mistakes.
3. Questions are Really Important
Always ask questions, always answer questions.
Ask yourself: why does that make sense?
4. Math is about Creativity and Making Sense.
Math is a very creative subject that is, at its core,
about visualizing patterns and creating solution paths that others can see, discuss
and critique.
5. Math is about Connections and Communicating
Math is a connected subject, and a form of communication. Represent math in different
forms eg words, a picture, a graph, an equation, and link them. Color code!
6. Depth is much more important than speed.
Top mathematicians, such as Laurent Schwartz, think slowly and deeply.
7. Math Class is about Learning not Performing
Math is a growth subject, it takes time to learn and it is all about effort.

Starter of the Day imageStarter of the Day
Each day a different puzzle is presented. Use as a starter to a maths lesson once or twice a week, Years 7 to 11. Under TOPICS you can look for particular activities. I really like one on probability where balls are pulled from a hat and the task is to estimate the proportion of each colour. Here is the link to "Pick from the Pot". To me this is the beginning of a Rich Mathematical Task and I can explore the ideas of random, estimating, sample size and eventually develop a way to estimate the population of fish in a lake. Enjoy looking. Set a group of students a task of finding 5 class activities.

Google imageGoogle
"Google" - Just explore Google. These people have some supper useful stuff. I use it to translate languages, do mathematics problems, find stuff of course, do analytics on my webspages, maps, for news and academic readings. Just keep developing Google. Respect information and privacy as you do.

To be completed
Now the largest math website in NZ and is continuing to be developed. Look at e-AKO. Brilliant.

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. There are hundreds of demonstrations and simulations here.

Found another Math Hogan!
Have a look at Shan's website. Shan is a math teacher in US.

Amaze your classes with this mind reading game and then try and figure out how it all works. Andy Naughton did a very clever job creating this popular app.

Census@Schools NZ
This site has everything we need in statistics teaching for NZ. Join the census every year, have students contribute and own the data. PPDAC and "the eyes have it".

iNZight Statistical Software
Two parts to this software. The analyser which is a very powerful and easy to use, drag and drop stats package written in R and runs on Mac, PC and Linux. The other part is VIT or Visual Instruction Tools. This is where you can simulate sampling of different sizes for example and watch the how the variation changes.

Jake Wills is very supportive of stats learning and has a pretty useful stats package as well. This runs on any device that runs a browser. BYOD heaven.

There is a rich larder packed with math lessons and activities, plans and ideas.
NRICH aims to:

Math Movies
Sometimes you just might want a movie to help you tell a story. Have a look at "Little Big League" and see if you can figure it out.