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Websites to Practise Tables and other Facts


Sarah asked me to post this website. I checked a few of the games out and you can see all of them at https://www.mathschase.com/all-games/

Here is another I found by simply asking Google "math games".

And another!

Here are some I created.
1. Dice Games - Some creative ideas about how to use 10 sided 0-9 dice
2. Numahtzee - I extended teh well known Yahtzee game to be even more mathematically connected and to use 10 sided 0-9 dice.
3. Jim's Game - This is a set of cards that revise times tables and involves collaborative fun. It can be very addictive and many of my students would pick these cards up to play just for fun. It can be a very strategic game if you add the rule "Any card can be put down on your turn, but if challenged and you can not explain the link to the previous card you pick up two. Else the challenger picks up one."

I have many of these games collected over the last 20 years!

Remember always that anyone can learn anything if you put your mind to it.