School of Mathematics

A self paced opportunity to improve your mathematics and numeracy.

Hi and Welcome Back to School. This is an on-line, self paced, experiment where you can leave class when you want, and likewise, attend.  No uniform, no bells, no grumpy teachers, no yucky packed lunches. What could be better?

If you have a specific query or problem you can not figure you could always email and that might work. Draw the problem and email it and I might be able to help you. 

Learning to do your own math calculations and solve your own problems is a whole lot more enjoyable so come to Back to School and do some learning.

$No Charge for this section, nor the next.

Section 1
Check Point Charlie
Curious note...Check Point Charlie was the famous crossing between West and East Berlin called the Brandenburg gate. People died there. I never thought I would see The Berlin Wall come down. It did. Roger waters sang about it... 

Check Point Charlie is the place to take a critical look at your numeracy ability and share it with me. There are three parts to being numerate, (a) having mathematics knowledge, (b) having mathematical strategies that use that knowledge and (c) having the confidence, the "I can" to put it all together. Persevering is the best ever competency!

So... download the following three files and give yourself a quiet place, 20 minutes maximum, no calculator, just a pencil and bit of working out paper, and try to answer the questions recording your answer on the sheet.

File One - The questions for strategy or how you solve problems ability.
File Two - The knowledge you have and use.
File Three - Where you write your answers

This test was developed during our NZ Numeracy Programme and I use it, and other tests, to measure and monitor the progression of a student, a class or group of students, a cohort of a Year Level or a school. It works with any age. It is cheap, fast and pretty accurate, overtime with regular checkups becomes very accurate.

Remember - NO CALCULATOR - you have to do the thinking using your current knowledge and strategies. So off you go and do it. Then come back and read on... I trust you, you trust you...

A couple of Mantra's
The more maths you know know the more maths you will use.
Struggle is good, because it is building your brain connections.
Mistakes are cool, you learn most from these.
Perseverence as above the best competency.
Always say "I can do maths!" Reason - it will kill math anxiety.

OK. You have done the test and now you can mark it. Cl
ick here.

Special WEBSITE to explore as well ... more on this website later.

Marking File Four - Download after being truthful with your self and compare your answers with the ones written here.

You need to analyse your answers.
1. Did you get most of the Strategy Questions right? That means more than half.

2. Did you get 2 or more of the Knowledge Questions right?

Now use this flow chart to decide if you are one of A or B or C.

A. Both right - you probably do not need to do this course, but have specific questions about maths that you would like help with.

B. One right but not the other - You have some good stuff going on but just need some curious problems to ponder, some new knowledge perhaps and all will be well.

C. Neither right - You have some misunderstandings or an incomplete idea of things like place value and multiplying. These two concepts underpin progress in maths but can be learned.

So what happens now? 
GO Here - Place Value Check UP
or you you can try this test. (not done yet!)

Remember always that anyone can learn anything if you put your mind to it.