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Now March 7th 443 Million cases and the World Count increasing at over 1,000,000 per day still but it is down from 4.5 million! Long tunnel, no light yet.
We are no where near beating this virus! Several countries in the world are being irresponsible. John Hopkins Data COVID19.
Check out https://ourworldindata.org/

NZ is just going through its peak with 20 to 30 thousand cases per day Feb/Mar/April 2022. Be very COVID Conscious...it is everywhere.

Reduce contact, keep a distance, wear a mask, wash hands, avoid public places.

1. Lesson NA 2.4 Placevalue
2. Lesson NA 3.1 Exponents
3. Lesson NA 4.2 x10, 100, 1000
4. Lesson NA4.11 Dividing by 10.100.1000
5. Lesson GM 4.2 Conversions in length mm, cm, m, km
6. Lesson GM 4,21 Conversion using M, L and T
7. Lesson GM 4.5 Shapes, Properties and Proof
8. Lesson PS 4.2 Probability and Breakout
9. Lesson PS 4.21 Probability and Being Random
10. Statistics PS 3.1 Statistical Investigations and Language
11. Statistics PS 4.1 Comparative Statistical Investigations and Language
12. Geometry GM 3.3 Constructions, Shapes and Properties
13. Geometry GM 3.31 Hexagonal Construction and Patterns
14. LOGIC NA 3
15. Proof GM 5 A Few Basic Beginners Proofs
16. GM 3.5 Transformation, Reflection and Similarity
17. GM 3.51 Transformation, Rotation and Symmetry
18. GM 3.52 Transformation, Translation and Frieze Patterns
19. NA 4.9 Algebra Variables, Patterns and Formula
20. GM 3.53 Transformations, Enlargement
21. Thinking in Mathematics - Teacher Resource to help focus purpose in the classroom.
22. Fat Lessons. A guide to designing a series of lessons that creates engagement.

Yeah Right
I predict we all make new learning about this extraordinary situation! It could well change what we do in the classroom and normalize other behaviours.
    - thank gooddness for fast fiber internet
    - thank goodness for cheap computers, iPads and smart phones
    - thank goodness for all the app builders
    - just be thankful we are in NZ

However. There is learning to be done and I hope  you find some ideas and help on this page.

The Non-Reader Summary
1. KISS - make sure it works
2. Easy platform and fun
3. Test it out and have a regular Check - In.

Step One
Kiss Principle

Develop an online way for a class or groups within a class to be collaborative, be creative, be critical and communicate. Keep away from complex pass codes and procedures. No one will use those. Many teachers have already established Google Classroom as a normal way for their students to get learning material and provide feedback. Contact is the key (relationships) so email, text, or private Facebook, Whatsapp and a few dozen other apps might well work. Keep it Simple. I have a web page and I use texts, emails and Skype. Whatever you choose make sure it will work for you. That takes us to ...

Step Two
Google Classroom
Select a platform that everyone can use. Most schools have already adopted Google Classroom and Google Drive. A private Facebook page could work as well. WhatsApp, email, messages, Zoom. There are many but best advice is get one that works for you. A private Facebook is easily accessed by students and a web page can be good but it does take some time. Each student could have a webpage and keep a diary of events, a blog and a learning journal. It would be good for each student to normalise writing and posting pictures, video and creations. That is fun. Learning has to be fun.

Zoom looks like fun and easy. Very controllable. Free. https://zoom.us/

Step Three
Test it
Test it out. Make sure everyone can access the material and respond. Communication is key and maintaining that classroom relationship will test every teacher. See my 1st Chapter on this website. Once you have a platform and students have access pretty much a normal programme of work can proceed. I would recommend a structure similar to your classroom but there are differences.

Remote Learning
Normal is a good word here and in my classes always a bit of fun. Why change? Most maths classes I see have a strong structure such as
    - Starter
    - New learning
    - Practise
    - Review and practice
    - Puzzle or Problem
    - Journal Learning.
So do the same..... but realise there is no set time for access, students are on their own, they are not good at self motivating, they are easily distracted and this bizarre situation is new to all of us.

Some resources to download and distribute. I would match problems to the scheme you are working with. Each bundle below has fully set out pages suitable for students to use. Open the file and see what suits your program and copy paste it in the student file.

I trialled this with one Y9 grand-daughter by asking "If 5 people in a room all shook hands with one another how many handshakes would there be?" A series of guesses and questions followed and eventually after an hour or so she gave up to ride a horse. We return to the problem today. I have a strong relationship with this young lady so we can do texts easily. With a class of students it would be an online blog and I would be watching the groups or class comments as they unpacked the answer and recorded it. Jo Boaler has some good ideas and problems, nrich likewise is a mine of treasures. There are many others. Be careful about using websites that just mimic a textbook and present endless examples for students to mindlessly complete. I would rather one problem was solved in 5 ways that 5 problems in one way.

Here is a beauty that has a few solutions and is suitable for Y7 to 10 of all abilities.
Triangle Puyzzle
What fraction of this square is shaded?
Solve in at least 2 ways.
1. Math Investigation
All about the Triangular numbers. Y8/9

2. Powers of Investigations
A collection of different problems Y9/10

3. King Arthur
A famous problem and links powers of 2 and odd numbers

More coming.
Updated 8/8/21