Construction 3D Models in Mathematics

 Download these templates and use them to make up stellated tetrahedrons, octohedrons, iscosahedrons, dodecahedrons and hexahedrons. The basic shapes can be modified to construct the other beautiful shapes. Painted these make great displays. They are great activities for learning geometrical skills.
Lesson Plan

Platonics Discovered...Outlines how the platonics solids are formed. Need to get you head around this one. I wrote this page not long after I discovered the idea for myself. No wonder they have a special name.

Template for Triangles...Used for making tetrahedrons, octohedrons and iscosahedrons.

Template for Squares...Used for making the cube or hexahedron

Template for Pentagons...Used for making the dodecahedron, the fifth and last Platonic Solid.


Hexagons and Octagons

Sample Pattern Blank... Formed by creating a hexagon and drawing in all the diameters. Very nice patterns can be created using these very symmetrical shapes. Try making the Mitsubishi Logo, the Startrek Logo, Interlocking triangles and ....

Pattern1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3

Sample Construction Sheet

Thank you to all the teachers at NZAMT 2003 Conference who so eagerly made models and added stellations. Which reminds me I had better make a template for the stellations.

Last but not least some Macintosh ONLY software for making all the Platonic solids and the many truncated versions.

KaleidoTile for Macintosh