2023 - Navigation Page for the Workshops in Numeracy and the New Math Standards.
The information on this page is my interpretation of what I notice and reason. It is designed to be of use to teachers to help them ponder, reflect and redesign learning programmes as required. Use accordingly.
For clarifications please ask. Email Jim Hogan ACC572 jimhogan2@icloud.com, Cellphone texts and calls 027 461 0702

Big Picture
I am promoting smallish clusters in regions to apply for PLD time to fund a facilitator (not necessarily me) and get the new changes all sorted. Here are some useful links that I have already published in my newsletters. There will be National Workshops run by NZAMT and if you are a large department you could well have the expertise to sort all this on your own. If not, this offer is on the table.

Applying for PLD - HERE

Here is a quick SELF CHECK for your Math Department or the one you work within.
    1. Do you have a data measuring and monitoring system that allows you select a student and see what NZC Level in mathematics they are predominantly operating within? Y/N
        2. Do your current mathematics programmes for Y9/10 target NZC L4 and NZC L5 as the success criteria? Y/N
            3. Have you checked out the Ministry information for the new NUMERACY and LITERACY requirements for NCEA? Y/N
                4. Have you checked out the new NCEA Standards and Assessment Trial on the NZAMT website? Y/N

You need a majority of Y responses.

I am guessing that most HODs and teachers are too busy with current workloads and COVID issues to be informed about any of the above. Smaller departments get hit harder.

Session 1
    Session 2
        Session 3
            Session 4

Evaluation will be available at each session.
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