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2019 CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND - Mathematics and Statistics Facilitator
Jim Hogan - - 027 461 0702 Accredited Provider ACC 572 DEC 24th 2018
End of Term 1 2019. Two newsletters this term and about to write another. Email contact details of you want to get a copy.

The header picture taken NOV 22. I was watching thundercloud performing in the BOP and challenged myself to photograph some lightning.

Note my new email address, There is a fairly good chance Apple and iCloud will last the distance! If you are changing schools or changing emails please let me know so I can still send my CN News. I will collect the 2018 news and put them in here as well. My R-Teach email is

Teaching and Learning
Mathematics and Statistics

Online Book
Note, I am revising this continually.
Seems to be gaining popularity!

Online Maths Course
Just developing this. Step one get measured.
Step 2 coming. 8/12
Thanks Hard Case and Em.

A Collection of Solved Math Problems
Classroom resources

Lake Taupo Trout Statistics Resource
This is data that can be used to teach junior and assess senior Statistics. Real data collected from a trout fishing tournament held on Lake Taupo in April a few years back.

Classquizz Collection zipped.

Programmable Chip

Lego does it.

Programmable robot. Set a task like move in a figure 8 or do a random walk.

This is a page of ,ppts I have used and people ask for them. Useful and you are welcome to use. A story accompanies each to help with context.

A guide to and all tests, answers sheets, student answer sheets to the series of tests that I call the Lomas Test. Invaluable!
The new Digital Technology Curriculum has opened the ways mathematics interacts with the new digital world. Make sure you keep an eye on this! Jim.