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2019 CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND - Mathematics and Statistics Facilitator
Jim Hogan - - 027 461 0702 Accredited Provider ACC 572 DEC 24th 2018

The header picture taken NOV 22. I was watching thundercloud performing in the BOP and challenged myself to photograph some lightning. I used my iPhone 4. How?

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Online Book
Note, I am revising this continually.
Seems to be gaining popularity!

Online Maths Course
Just developing this. Step one get measured.
Step 2 coming. 8/12
Thanks Case and Em.

A Collection of Solved Math Problems
Classroom resources

Lake Taupo Trout Statistics Resource
This is data that can be used to teach junior and assess senior Statistics. Real data collected form a trout fishing tournament held on Lake Taupo in April a few years back.
Programmable Chip

Lego does it.

Programmable robot. Set a task like move in a figure 8 or do a random walk.

This is a page of ,ppts I have used and people ask for them. Useful and you are welcome to use. A story accompanies each to help with context.
The new Digital Technology Curriculum has opened the ways mathematics interacts with the new digital world. Make sure you keep an eye on this! Jim.