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2018 CENTRAL NORTH - Mathematics and Statistics Resources
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Welome back La Nina! A warm summer again.
The picture is looking South from the top of Mt Tauhara in June. It is a panoramic view so the Great Lake Taupo looks a bit narrow.
This is a great 2hr return walk and climbs 300m or so.
Ko Tauhara te maunga, Ko Taupo nui a Tia te moana.
I live in Taupo, NZ.

  The new Labour government is moving things along nicely and with integrity which I appreciate.  National Standards are gone and I am surprised by the resistance to this move by people who should know better. We report against the NZC levels instead of some made up proxy curriculum standard. I know how that proxy was made and it was done in a hurry because of a silly election promise and the traditional anti-teacher moves that National promote. Bring back the advisory which services all learning areas and not just the reading, writing and arithmetic. In 2019 I expect that to happen.

Meantime, PLD rolls on but what a joke. Some schools I helped apply were told "Not enough hours! so Nah mate." Do the designers of the current PLD model think the facilitators will sit around and wait, no income, no hours, no work? Many have left. Talented people gone already. [Many, not just one or two.] How does an PLD Provider Organisation staff itself on the unsteady, uncertain, inconsistent allocation of a set number of hours. Too flimsy and I can only see it being trashed in 2018. You can not have an open market system with a limited supply of hours.
West Indies is here for a few games of clicket and that will brighten up the summer and apart from that and fishing Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
Teaching and Learning
Mathematics and Statistics

Note, I am adding and changing this on a continuous basis. Such is onliine publishing.
NOT much from the last two years because it was all email based.
Cool Websites
There are thousands now and this would be an endless job to update and then it would be out of date. Best advice is to ask a search engine good questions.
LOMAS Numeracy Testing Resources
This is very popular and used with eAssTTLe, PAT or the like to get an OTJ of where a student is broadly on the NZC
Readings in Math ED
Just use Google Scholar!
Lake Taupo Trout
Still a hot favorite and used up and down NZ. Dave at Trident is crafting a sea fishing resource and will present this at Conference 17 NOV 17. Will be available on BOPMA website.
INZight Statistical Analysis Software
and iNZight VIT tools.
Great software.
Rich Math Activities
Like cool websites this list is endless. We do not have a resource problem, we have a use of resource problem!

Our National Body. Heaps of resources and ideas here.


Census at school website link
The home of learning statistics in NZ. This should be your first stop in finding resources.

Senior Sec website
This site unpacks the AOs in out NZC.

See also
Learning Progression Framework

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I did think this was a good idea at the time.
Free stuffFREE STUFF
for teachers
and students
Original material.
Two bookmarks for students
These can be printed backed on card and given to students to help solve math and stats problems. The bookmarks outline robust and trialled strategies for problem solving.
Girth of the Earth
Use your cell phone nav system or a GPS unit and a metre wheel to measure the circumference of our planet. This leads to radius, moon size, distance to sun and very interesting astrophysics discussion.
Problem Solving Checklist
A sheet for students to record how they solve problems.

Recommended Reading for ALL TEACHERS
"Key Competencies for the Future" - NZCER, Hipkins, Bolstead, Boyd and McDowall
My Review - A stunning collection of ideas, well structured and very easy to read. This positions the front end of the NZC curriculum in every class. Examples of how to develop KCs given in various subjects but not mathematics. Hmmm. I think the development of perseverence using PROBLEM SOLVING and curiosity using interesting but not obvious examples are good examples. Mathematics is a service subject from the applied view and examples ooze with statistics and graphing. Pure mathematics is a bit more esoteric. How many kids are naturally interested in primes or how many factors a number has or perhaps Abellian Groups. The use of mathematics and statistics to help solve engineering problems (gearing, spacing of teeth on cogs) and explain data patterns within a larger "wicked problem" is probably where the connection is made. The book uses wicked problems, such as climate change or obesity, which present themselves in today's wor;d for today's students and we should be preparing our modern young for CCCC, collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking to be better prepared for a preferred future or future building.

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