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2018 CENTRAL NORTH - Mathematics and Statistics Resources
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Mid Winter Now , Term 3 and today the rain was here again.
This is the hard work term. Relationships have been developed between teachers and students in Term 1 and 2 so there is now no excuse for not getting 60 minutes worth of learning out of every hour. Data has been collected about students and with teacher observation needs can be attended. Increase engagement with interesting learning activities, new mathematics, problem based work and allowing interactions and discourse.

PLD. The system continues and looks like it will continue into 2019. See for all information. It is important to plan and apply a term ahead. The regional committees who allocate the hours meet about a month or so into the term and decide on who gets what. Make sure you have specific goals, data and good reasons for this PLD. The hours allocated seem to be around 50 to 150 depending on region and I would expect 120 hrs as a normal allocation.

I have stripped the old information out of these pages. Time to move on. I have a copy of it all as of every file since 2002 when I started this work. But it is time to move on. Cheers JIM July 18th
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